Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hi everyone

Oh my goodness, i'm so naughty I have neglected you all for too long, So sorry
Well I have been so busy, I got caught up in something new, which i'm going to share with you today, You use pretty much the same skills as paper-crafting, just handing the material is very different, 

It's sugar-craft, this is what i've been up to !

It all started when we went to the NEC, next door was the Cake show, !!!
Oh yes we stayed another night and went to the show the next day, I walked around with my mouth open, the tools and cutters are so similar to paper crafting and card making, I fell in love with shoes and bags, (watch this space) well I never bought anything but then I met a new friend from my daughter attending Beavers, her name is Karen and she makes sponges and ices them, but was saying that she has no artistic flair for the little toppers !! so team work, I must say this is my first attempt and intend to perfect things, when you work with paper it behaves, icing does not, and so many different types, I have speed learnt a lot.

So with a lot of preparation and research here is the first batch of cup-cakes for another friends, baby Islas' christening this Sunday
Leave me your comments xx

Now this was adventurous !! she is called a wobble person, and the whole thing is from icing apart from the pipe cleaner arms and legs,  Ive learnt how to frill icing, colour and pipe!! told you I was busy :)
I'm in love with edable glitter too, it's so sparkly :)
Poppie said she looks like a boy, she has boy hair, I think I agree and I must say the hair and eyes was the hardest part, I will have to perfect longer hair, 
the body is fondant, hands and feet too, the dress is gum or flower paste cut and frilled, my favourite part, the eyes are stamens and the hair is royal icing piped.
She is going on a Birthday cake for Karen's friend, her birthday is next weekend.

Thank you for staying with me, I will be back soon Promise xxx

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  1. So clever Suzanne and oh so sweet too.
    Chris xxx