Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hi everyone, 
Just letting you know what i'm up to on my blog, you may notice things coming and going, moving around etc, more pages added, 
I'm trying to put together some templates for the silhouette, tutorials and colouring information too, so i'm seeing what looks good, what works etc, I have added a donation badge, where if you would like to download or save (not sure how all this works yet) one of my templates and tutorials, you can leave me a little thank you pressie if you would like too, 

I have a great template coming up in the next few days, I'm really pleased how it came out, It has taken me 2 whole days, to just work and design in silhouette, now I have to hope it all fits together when I came it up, so rather than putting a fixed price on the templates I thought I would leave it up to you.

I will keep you posted x

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