Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hi me again
I don't normally promote things on my blog as my regulars know, but last week I tried something new, and it helped me so i'm going to share, it's called graze  It is designed for office workers I think, so they can graze on a healthy snack rather than reaching for biscuits and snacks, I suppose it is also good for us full time crafters and bloggers, to have a handy snack pack close by, Anyway I bought mine with Poppie in mind, she is 6 and had terrible reflux until at least 3, and it has resulted in a terrible eater, she is a vegetarian that doesn't like veg! yes I have done it all before, it's not a mum thing, it is her, she is the littlest in the family and all the others eat very well, from a roast dinner to a curry, salad etc, 
Well i found GRAZE they deliver 4 packs of healthy snacks that fit through your letter box Wednesday and Friday, you can change this to a  fortnight, once a week, or whatever you fancy, 
the heathy snacks Poppie tried in her pack lunch last week was
Toffee Apple - Poppie said too sweet, actually getting her to try is a miracle, so it must of looked good for a start, then she had 
rocky road - chocolate buttons, cranberries and pecan nuts, Poppie said yum, You can rate the food from don't send me again to, I love it send lots, she also like a b b q savoury mix of breads, so it's not all sweet things, the twins tried quite a few too, they didn't say no to anything :)
so give it a go pop to GRAZE now 
Put in this code LVRD3J1 to receive a FREE snack box of 4 items

Poppies' Favourite one this week

My Favourite this week :) Healthy Honey Flapjack Oh wow Yum
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