Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Refilling your copic sketch

Afternoon everyone
Just thought i would share for those of you that don't know, how to refill your copics
You can get refills from cultpens.com I also bought the tweezers they sell to remove the chisel shaped nib and i bought some spare brush nibs just incase it all went wrong,
It was great only 2 days to arrive I was refilling a sketch pen, so with the tweezers i took out the chisel nib and tipped in some ink, lesson learned do it much much slower and don't squeeze the bottle !!!!
the ink when spilt does not come off easily and is very sticky!!
i put in about 2cc's of ink, and hey presto my lovely flesh E000 is working again.
This site copicmarker.com has loads of tips and instructions on refilling,
For the Ciao pens you can buy a booster, with i presume is a needle, instead of taking the nib out you put the needle down by the side of the nib and refill that way, you can also use the booster with the sketch, but by taking out the nib.
You can also refill both by adding drips to the chisel nib one at a time, but i liked the way i did it and it was successful.
If any one wants to ask anything else, just chat to me in the cbox bar in the right of my blog
Hope this helps


  1. Ha I found out the hard way about squeezing the bottle !!! Can't believe how sticky that stuff is and so expensive to waste !! By the way you can pull the nib out of ciao pens just the same no need to buy a needle chat to you soon
    Hugs Sara x x x

  2. You can also use the booster needle along side of the tip of the sketch as well, no need to remove the tip! :). Use rubbing alcohol to rinse the needle when you're done with each colour. To clean any spilled ink off the outside of your pens, try the rubbing alcohol or a bit of colorless blender.